Friday, May 20, 2011

Trans Aq J - 10

For the past month I haven't updated this blog as I've been busy running, training and preparing for the the trans aq 6 day ultra run in the Aquataine region of France.

The trans aq ultra run is just over a week away. Me and about 140 other people will be taking part. At this stage you can't get any fitter. All you can do is try and stay injury free and prepare yourself mentally.

Taken from the website:

 "On Psychological Preparation
This is word for word what Fabien Hobléa says (French 24 hour racer) in the Ultrafondus magazine:
'without forcing things, I visualise the race. I live it by anticipation, in a dream, I make it something positive and something that I really want to do and do well. I build myself a positive impatience, integrating an acceptance that there may be some difficult conditions (note that I don't say "bad conditions") during the week end's race, especially as the weather forecast... etc.'
Everything's been said!"

It's not all sand, honest! It's forest and trail and beach and more

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