Fitness Websites & Links

This a list of fitness websites that I like and use on a regular basis. It's by no means comprehensive, see my blog roll for the blogs I visit and which I think are useful. These website are all free.


or tmuscle or whatever it's called these days. When I first came across this website about 4 or 5 years ago I couldn't believe how much information there was on it and its was free! I set about reading as many articles as I could. Without t-nation I never would have known about Cressey, Robertson or Thibaudeau.

I see the influence of t-nation all over certain elements of the fitness industry in the UK, even if the individual concerned don't even know what they are saying was first published on t-nation. Read t-nation for a week and you will gain more knowledge than on any fitness certification or REPs accredited ( if you live in the UK you will know what REPs is) course. I don't visit this site as much anymore, but still check in once a week. Alan Aragon and Lyle McDonald have criticised a lot of the 'broscience' on the site, sometimes rightly so, but that doesn't take away from the hundreds of quality articles that have been posted over the years.

Figure athlete is its sister site, it doesn't post any new articles these days, but its worth looking through the article archive.


When I first got into kettlebells back in 2003/2004 this was pretty much the only resource out there. Now everyone and their mother, literally, are swinging 2kg kettlebells around there is a lot of info out there.

This site has quite a few free articles, and Pavels books and dvd are what started it all, even if the books were overpriced I still bought them! You can also get Gray Cooks excellent DVDs from here ( see my resources list ). Since Dan John and then Stuart McGill mentioned the goblet squat and Gray Cooks use of the kettlebell and his version of the turkish get up, kettlbells have turned into a must have. Start using them in the right context. This is a good place to start

Mike Robertson

Mike Robertson has some great posts. He also does audio interviews with a whole range of coaches, fitness professionals and people you need to listen to. I recommend subscribing to Mikes site and then he will send you regular email updates on his latest posts, products and interviews.

Ross Enamait

Ross also appears in the blog list, he has some really inspirational posts and videos.

I've put Ross here because I think he has probably influenced the current fitness market more than anyone else. When I first came across him 4 or 5 years ago and bought his book Infinite Intensity, I didn't see anyone else using sledgehammers, or burpees or medicine ball slams. Now every fool in a pair of combat trousers is a bodyweight training expert and everyone is doing mountain climbers and burpees in the park.

But Ross was there first, he was honest about the information he presented, didn't pretend he invented and he put it together in an intelligent and structure way. Most of the people who've ripped him off probably don't even know this is where most of it came from when they get their clients to do some crazy random diluted version of this. Most of us are never gonna do a one arm pull up with a weighted vest on, but Ross is inspirational on many levels.

Mike Mahler

Kettlebells, strength & vegan cooking ( I'm not a vegan but Mike is)! Also see Mikes facebook page where he regularly updates articles.

Nick Tumminello

Nick has good innovative variations on exercises, loads of good youtube videos & his girlfriend is Alli Mckee figure competitor - damn him!


UK strength & conditioning association. Not much on the website but if you join for the year they will send you their journal of strength and conditioning in the post and you can then look at all the past editions and articles on their website.