Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Fitness Isn't

Fitness isn't about

machines, or the latest fad

or carb back loaded paleo keto butter in your coffee instagram posts

It isn't undulating periodized secret Russian training method

It isn't about how big the gym is or how much it costs

It isn't 3 stage orientation, induction, we do things differently around here with the same cookie cutter programme

It isn't in the trenches strength coaches selling their latest product

It isn't mens health, fitness model, this time I'm going to get a 6 pack workout

It isn't internet connected, watching TV while walking up a hill

It isn't superfood

It isn't celebrity diet, exercise DVD, bargain bucket when they balloon up again next year

It isn't long leaner muscles

It isn't fitspo

It isn't about gamification

It isn't easy

It isn't about the music in the background or what you wear or android apple app that tells you when to sleep

It isn't about hashtags and click bait

It isn't on demand or live streamed

It isn't social media, constant posts and noise and endless advice

It isn't the latest gadget GPS map my life heart rate variability how long should I recover

It isn't this training split or GVT

It isn't 'my method is better than yours'

It isn't 'this is the only way'

It isn't about paying a trainer to motivate you

It isn't this January it's going to be different and 3 weeks in everything is the same

It isn't goal setting, new year, new you trite slogans

It isn't fitness models with eating disorders pretending to be role models

It isn't a cult or a box or a licence fee branded workout

It isn't about your ex wife or your ex husband or 'i'll show them'

It isn't about that boy or that girl or for anyone else

It isn't about a medal

Fitness is never external

It is only ever intrinsic

The motivation is only ever internal

Look inside

There is no equipment solution to a fitness problem

Your body already knows what to do

It's about who you want to be

It's about what you were born to do

Fitness is movement

You were designed to move

Your mind already knows what to do

You half remember when you were a kid and it was effortless

When there was no plan, when there was no expectation

There is nothing new

Move, eat real food, sleep, simplify

Fitness is something more fundamental

You have the raw materials, all someone else can do is help you shape them

Why haven't you started

You know why

Just start

You already know what to do in 2015

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